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Dany's Story

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Dany was my first foster pup. Dany followed me home while I was taking a walk on the beach in Mexico just a few days after losing my 13 year old pup of intestinal cancer. I certainly did not think I was ready to adopt another dog due to my grief, but Dany hade me from hello. My husband was adamant that I could not keep her so I called the local rescue in Mexico to see about bringing her in. (I live part time in Mexico and now foster and volunteer at the rescue there in Mexico). The rescue was full to capacity and the owner asked if I might be willing to foster her for a few days to a week until they could make space for her. At that time they had over 250 dogs and puppies in their care.

June 4, 2015. That is officially when I started to foster puppies and fell in love with rescue and fostering. When Dany followed me home she was pretty skinny and full of ticks and all sorts of other creepy crawlers. She was also drinking sea water, pooping bird feathers, and the creepy crawlers had also eaten the skin away from her chin and around her eyes. In time her hair grew back and the creepy crawlers were washed away. She gained weight and thrived. My husband left me in Mexico for another month and informed me “no more dogs, I mean it, unless you want a divorce". Of course he was just kidding, 🤔 I think? In any event, when my husband returned a month later I still had Dany. And I’m still happily married. Dany is one of the loves of my life and everyday I’m thankful that she chose me to follow home rather than any other person that day on the beach.

Simply Love

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