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Guardian Angels.

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Guardian angels. I believe we all have them. They are sent to look over us and I believe Tazzy was sent to me. She had no wings, but has them now. I chose this picture of Rio, my Tri-paw foster failure watching over Tazzy as she sleeps for my message to everyone today. This was a few weeks after I had suspected something was terribly wrong with Tazzy. All I did from that moment on was worry. I realized today that with every fragile foster care pup I bring in, I worry, so this was nothing new. I worry about their health, I worry about what they eat, about their comfort, their 💩 and their acceptance by my pups. The list of worries is long. So this post is about my worries and my fears of being judged.

So people followed Tazzy on her journey and I tried my hardest to only post the positive, the inspirational, the successes, and the hope and promise for a beautiful future for Tazzy. The reality of it is that for all of the happy photos or videos posted there were also numerous sad and frightening moments too. You see, we all live in a world where we try to showcase on social media everything with rose colored glasses. The unfortunate truth is that while many are experiencing love, joy and success there are also many experiencing sadness, hurt and despair.

One of the hardest things for me to do was to read the negative messages from people that hadn’t walked a mile in my shoes with Tazzy. Nor had they been with Tazzy to hold her paw at her moments of pain and frustration. I own that, I never shared the ugly side of what Tazzy experienced while she was trying to overcome her disability. What Tazzy taught us all was love, acceptance and inclusion. For that reason I chose not to respond to the negative comments and take the high road of Love, and kindness that I was taught by Tazzy.

What I will do is promise to you that in the days, weeks and months to come if I post about Tazzy I will be transparent about her struggles as equally as the triumphs. This might mean seeing some of Tazzy’s not so great moments to appreciate how much she fought in life. It might also mean seeing some tough videos of the sad and horrific situations some of the pups I foster come from.

I plan to try to start from the beginning, my first foster fail. And along the way I plan to share pictures and memories of Tazzy too. After all, this site and rescue wouldn’t have been born without her.

Simply Love


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